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Sharp Token Announces Launch on Coinstore

The highly anticipated launch of Sharp Token (SHARP) is set to officially launch May 7th on Coinstore.

The Sharp Innovation Foundation built the Sharp Token as a utility reward token, the digital fuel for growth-focused, purpose-driven communities.  It’s created on a robust and scalable blockchain, powered by AI and will revolutionize the way communities grow, engage and create value.

The team behind Sharp Token says its goal is to fuel a growth economy model to give users a feeling of ownership and empowerment by earning tangible rewards. Sharp Token creates an interactive user experience while helping advance the user’s personal and professional growth by learning, sharing, earning, and giving back, in a gamified environment.

The Sharp Token

Purpose-Driven Rewards: Earn tokens by contributing to forums, sharing expertise, and engaging in meaningful activities that benefit the community.

Universal Utility: Use tokens to unlock premium content, participate in community governance, or exchange exclusive digital assets.

Inclusive Economy: From creators and contributors to moderators and curators, the entire community has an opportunity to earn, spend, and grow with Sharp Token.

Engage. Earn. Empower: With Sharp Token, you don’t just earn tokens – you build a reputation, accrue badges, and unlock new levels of engagement and influence.

NFTs: Users create and mint their own unique, code written NFTs including awards, trophies, avatars, and one-of-a-kind designs to be bought and sold on the Sharp NFT marketplace.

Easy to Integrate: Any industry or community can effortlessly adopt our white-label solution to introduce Sharp Token rewards and gamification into their own ecosystems.

Sharp Token has been adopted by communities of 3 million+ users such as CSharpCorner, CSharpTV, Web3Universe, and HackIndia.


Coinstore Launch

As of May 7th, investors can purchase Sharp Token (SHARP) on Coinstore, a world leading digital asset trading platform that focuses on emerging high-growth markets.  Based in Singapore, Coinstore boasts over 5 million registered users in 175 countries with target markets in Indonesia, India, and Nigeria.

Coinstore provides users with a wide range of tradable high-quality assets, superior trading experiences and higher investment returns.  The platform anticipates surpassing 10 million users by 2025.

“Coinstore’s secure platform, strong team, entrepreneurial culture and vibrant Web3 focused community make it a natural fit for the Sharp Token launch as we move forward with our goal to harnesses the power of blockchain and emerging technologies to empower community engagement and dynamic growth, while driving the holistic development of individuals.” Stated Praveen Kumar, Director of Sharp Innovation Foundation.

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