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Investor Cash Flees Bitcoin While Eos Competitor’s Bullish Signals Hint at Possible Rally

Bitcoin recorded one one its greatest achievements ever this year, which is the reaching of a new all-time high. But a few weeks after this great feat, it started declining with such momentum that has left a lot of investors worried to the extent that they started selling their BTC holdings.

The crypto market is filled with ups and downs. It’s all about knowing the risks of the crypto market and how to manage them. Risk management becomes particularly necessary when the market is bearish. This is what is happening with Bitcoin at the moment. With the pioneer crypto price declining, many investors are panicking and selling their holdings.

There is a new crypto in the game, and it is currently one of the most successful new defi projects called Borroe Finance ($ROE). Borroe Finance is now becoming a threat to some top altcoins like EOS, as it is stealing the attention of whales in the industry.



Borroe Finance ($ROE): A New Challenger

EOS, another top cryptocurrency, has also been struggling in recent weeks. Despite its strong fundamentals and user base, EOS has been unable to escape the bearish trend that has gripped the cryptocurrency market.

Borroe Finance ($ROE) is arguably the most brilliant project on the Polygon Blockchain now. It has become a worthy rival to EOS and many other altcoins. It uses technologies like ZK-Rollups, and cross chain bridges which enables it to have high transaction speed. These technologies also help it to solve the common scalability challenges.

Borroe Finance aims to redefine the DeFi industry by helping web3 businesses raise capital through instant future funds. With this empowerment, the web3 industry will attract more people as one of the biggest embargos of starting such a business is financing.

Borroe Finance combines the features of AI and blockchain such as smart contracts, liquidity pools, AMM, and more. This ensures the support of features like token swap which are very important for DeFi companies. With these features, Borroe Finance poses a threat to the traditional financial system by bringing a decentralized and obviously better alternative.

Borroe Finance ($ROE) is currently in the fifth stage of its presale with over 70% of the project sold. Also, the project has raised almost $4.5 million from the presale. 

This response from the market shows that Borroe Finance is more than just an investment, but an evolutionary platform. People who believe in the vision of the work have already participated in the presale which is expected to yield over 400% when the tokens become listed on exchanges. 



Investors Panic and Flee from Bitcoin Investments

Over the past few weeks, the value of Bitcoin, which is the cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization, has been declining. Because of this fall, there has been a huge outflow of cash from investors. This shows that, apparently, many investors have sold their holdings, which would only make sense if they try to diversify their portfolio. However, experts have assured that this is just a phase for the crypto giant and it will bounce back. Hence, investors are told to keep their assets that there is no cause for alarm. 


Borroe Finance’s Bullish Signals

While Bitcoin and EOS are struggling, Borroe Finance is having the best of the market as it is showing bullish signals which could be a sign of a potential rally. 

Some of these signals include:

  •       Increasing Community: With the level of participation witnessed by the presale of $ROE, it is evident that more users are turning their attention to the project.
  •       High Liquidity: Borroe Finance will have high liquidity, which is essential for a DeFi platform. 



Although it is impossible to predict the future of any cryptocurrency, Borroe Finance ($ROE) has shown signs of a possible rally once it is listed on DEXs. And it seems to be taking advantage of the market turbulence where mighty players are stumbling. Even though Bitcoin is going through a hard time now and many investors are selling their assets, experts advise Bitcoin enthusiasts to keep their calm as it will turn around.


Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here: 

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