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Bitcoin Back At $65K Pre-Fed Meeting, Could this AI Altcoin Surpass Chainlink?

Since external forces cannot be ignored in the crypto market, Bitcoin recently dropped below $60,000 but is now currently at $65,000, just before the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting because most of the time it emerges as a sell-the-news event.

Meanwhile, Borroe Finance ($ROE) has surpassed the $4.4 million mark at presale, given that both retail and institutional investors are embracing the network with open arms thanks to its long-term objective of revamping Web3 revenue financing.



Borroe Finance Presents an Interesting Presale Tale

Making it through the presale stage is not a walk in the park because a project has to thoroughly showcase what it’s made off.

As a result, Borroe Finance presents a successful presale journey that has seen at least $4.475 million raised, making it one of the viral token launches in this current day and age.

Borroe Finance’s governance token called $ROE is also witnessing a skyrocketing adoption rate, given that more than 325 million coins have been purchased at this level, and this makes a strong case for it being the best new crypto to invest in.

The big question remains why is Borroe Finance hitting these unprecedented levels at presale? Well, the network presents a unique use case whereby it enables Web3 players to raise instant cash to fund their projects.

Borroe Finance looks at the bigger picture since it enables Web3 participants to use their future earnings as collateral, which are minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for a seamless trading experience.

By taking the short-term capital challenge head on, Borroe Finance has shown its steadfast commitment to spurring innovation in Web3 by onboarding more players, making it a good crypto to buy.



Borroe Finance Presents an AI-Powered Marketplace

Given that innovation pays, Borroe Finance ($ROE) is a network that heeds to this call because it has incorporated cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, smart contracts, and NFTs.

Therefore, this makes Borroe Finance one of the AI altcoins that are taking the crypto community by storm thanks to the real-world utilities rendered. As a result, its emerging as a worthy Chainlink (LINK) competitor.

Since Borroe Finance serves as an NFT-based marketplace that seamlessly links revenue buyers and sellers in Web3, AI fits into the picture through exceptional risk assessment.

Specifically, it helps determine users’ loan eligibility through the generation of authentic credit scores, making it one of the best new DeFi projects.


Bitcoin Continues to Traverse the $65K Zone

Bitcoin has been experiencing ups and downs recently as different factors like spot ETFs and FOMC play out.

The leading cryptocurrency is back above the psychological price of $65,000 based on significant spot BTC ETF outflows as they relinquished a HODL trend in the ecosystem.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin found the right footing and surged to the $65,000 zone thanks to heightened buying pressure.

However, this was short lived because the top cryptocurrency lost this zone amid uncertainty rocking the crypto market because of the Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting that usually determines whether interest rates will be increased as a way of taming runaway inflation.

Renowned market analyst Michael van de Poppe pointed out, “The bottom hit around FOMC as pre-FOMC crypto almost always sells off. Bad economic data creating a lousy week for the $DXY. Expecting a correction to $60-61K to hold and then a steady continuation within this range.”

Source: MichaelvandePoppe


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