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An Interview With TRST01 Founder Prabir Mishra

TRST01 (Trust O One) addressed three Current Global Challenges Climate, Agriculture, and Food. TRST01 disruptive innovation, a robust platform, is establishing Trust, Transparency, and Traceability in the ecosystem. 

Question asked in an interview:-

A short Intro about you & what you are building. 

Technopreneur, Founder TRST01, I was an Investment Banker, Mentor, Angel Investor, and Strategic planner in my previous role. I have expertise in Technology, Social enterprise, Food and Agriculture, Life sciences, Education, Climate Change and Climate Action. I have more than two decades of experience across the industry segment. An IIMA alumni, at Present delivering use cases on Blockchain on Food and Agri Simultaneously building strong use cases on Climate Action in the Web 3.0 ecosystem.  

Environmental issues and climate change is taking center stage considering the current scenario. How do you think Web3 will help your initiative?

Blockchain and Web 3.0 helps in many ways to authenticate, Substantiate and validate the Real Environment Action or Climate Action. The more significant challenge of double data counting is also addressed. Decentralized Web 3.0 provides a perfect ground for data validation and more excellent value creation. We can foresee a future when Global climate action is available On-Chain for anyone to validate, verify and translate the values of real-world climate action. 

Blockchain provides a single version of Truth. The Immutability properties of Blockchain benefit the climate change initiatives, bringing back the trust elements, and Blockchain also offers complete traceability of climate action.

The Evolution of Decentralized Blockchain technology has provided a tool for defining a single version of Truth. Further on-Chain of defined process and Methodology on climate action will prevent Green Washing; Climate Action becomes more transparent, making it easy for verification, and simplifying the Audibility. Tackling climate change requires a reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Among other measures, Sustainable Agriculture practices, Afforestation, and Time to bridge the gap until farmers benefit financially. Payments for ecosystem services can encourage them to adopt more sustainable. 

Evolution Web3 helps in creating an Awareness of Climate Change.

TRST01 (Trust O One) addressed three Current Global Challenges Climate, Agriculture and Food. TRST01 disruptive innovation, a robust platform, is establishing Trust, Transparency and Traceability in the ecosystem. 

TRST01 Green manifestation is towards Climate Change, Digitisation of Climate Action, Process and Methodology, and further making it available On Chain. TRST01 uses decentralized web3 tech stacks to create a Global Awareness of Climate Change. 

TRST01 believes Climate Action is no more confined to Corporate, and NOW is the time to define individual responsibility and the importance of collective action in tackling environmental challenges and climate change along with economic development. 

TRST01 Agriculture and Food initiative provides a unique Blockchain platform to validate, track and trace the origin of products with complete supply chain traceability. 

TRST01 believes Business in the new normal seeks elements of Trust and Transparency. Consumers have all right to know the source of the food they eat, and the TRST01 platform provides a robust mechanism for track and trace.

What motivated you to take up this project?

I am an investment banker and was very active in funding Venture capital; during 2016, some people approached an ICO (Initial Coin Offerings). Suraj and I were exploring investment opportunities and came across blockchain technology; it generated interest, and we started exploring. From 2018 to 2020, It was an extensive exploration of use cases and deliberation with all stakeholders, including land authorities, education boards, and banks and understanding of the pain points on Trust and Authentication. We created the entity in 2019 and started operation at the peak of the Pandemic in June 2020. From the beginning, we focused on use cases and addressing the pain points using Technology (blockchain protocols). We created a multichain Blockchain platform to use the best Technology for various use cases. For example, we use permission Blockchain to address the seed and food traceability. We proposed to use green blockchain technology for our Climate Action on Chain.

TRST01 is a very innovative name. Would you like to tell us what it means?

TRST01 stands for Trust Transparency and Traceability, and the Truth has a single version. 

What are your future plans?

As Technology evolves, we want to be on top of the problem statement and consistently seek to provide the best Technology to address real-world challenges.  

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