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An Interview With Shraddha Agarwal, Founder Of

SpotSpreads plays an important role in trading and providing liquidity in digital assets to market participants around the world. In order to achieve this mission, SpotSpreads competitive advantage has been its technology, In an exclusive interview with BitcoinWorld, Shraddha Agarwal, Founder Of SpotSpreads, would shed the light on how their company is helping crypto projects in their market making & providing liquidity.


What is SpotSpreads?

SpotSpreads ( is a Crypto Market Maker and Liquidity Provider firm. We deploy proprietary, high-frequency, algorithmic trading strategies for creating more efficient and liquid markets for both crypto exchanges and token projects. We build long-term relationships by offering our Market Making expertise and algorithmic execution capabilities tailored to specific needs of our clients.


How does Market Making and Liquidity Provisioning help the crypto ecosystem?

Crypto market making and liquidity provisioning are crucial for the growth and stability of the cryptocurrency market. We help in increasing the depth of the order book, reducing the cost of trading, and improving the efficiency of the market by enabling buyers and sellers to execute trades more quickly and smoothly.  A Crypto Market Maker provides liquidity to the market by placing both buy and sell orders on an exchange, ensuring that there is always a buyer and seller for a particular asset. By doing so, we create a more efficient and stable market, allowing traders to buy and sell assets quickly and at competitive prices, reduce volatility, and improve the overall stability of the cryptocurrency market.


Who are your typical clients?

We serve a diverse group of clients, but primarily the below:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges: We provide liquidity and stability by filling the exchange’s order book, ensuring that buyers and sellers can execute trades efficiently.
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency companies: We provide market-making and liquidity services to existing and upcoming blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, helping them to maintain a fair price, increase their market exposure and strengthen users’ confidence in the project.
  • Hedge funds and institutional investors: We algorithmically execute large trades on behalf of institutional clients without affecting the market price, allowing them to buy or sell a significant amount of assets without moving the market.


What are the benefits of partnering with SpotSpreads?

By partnering with us, crypto exchanges and token projects can potentially expect the following benefits:

  • Better liquidity and order book: We fill the order book by algorithmically filling order book. Investors and traders can trade directly with market makers without having to wait or find a counterparty.
  • Improving the overall efficiency of the market: We help improve the overall efficiency of the market by quoting through various trading platforms and eliminating inter-market disruptions through arbitrage, thus helping in reducing the impact of price volatility.
  • Easier listing on major crypto exchanges: More reputable crypto exchanges are more likely to list a token on their platform knowing that there is a market maker committed to providing liquidity 24/7
  • Facilitating the conclusion of block trades: We are suitable counter-parties to institutional investors for block trades and can execute large trades with minimal slippage.
  • Lower probability of price manipulation: Higher liquidity makes it more difficult to manipulate the price of a token since more capital is needed to move prices.


How compliant are you with government regulations?

We take regulations and compliance with utmost sincerity and intend to drive blockchain adoption while staying within the rules of regulatory requirements. In fact, we are the only Market Maker that is a part of the Web3 Regulatory Sandbox environment of the Government of Telangana, India and we have been closely working with the Government on various initiatives for the expansion of blockchain adoption in India.


How can one contact you?

Anyone interested in our services or to know more about our operations can get in touch with us via our Website or via our socials shared below:


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