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An Interview With Rahul Kapoor and Vivaan Kapoor, Founders of The Crypto Runners.

The Crypto Runners, a collection of NFTs is an India-based digital art design house. Not only that, but the company also helps carpet wavers hone their skills and promote handmade carpet weaving which is losing its sheen due to machine-made carpets. In an exclusive interview with BitcoinWorld, CryptoRunners would shed the light upon how they wish to make a difference in the Web3 industry.

The interview was conducted over emails and this is what the founders have to say about CryptoRunners.


Introduction about Crypto Runners

Founded in 2022, Crypto Runners is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, created by a design house based in India specializing in digital art and carpet manufacturing, working with skilled artisans and weavers to create beautiful bespoke carpets.


Kindly brief us about Crypto Runners.

Crypto Runners is developed by a team of designers that have worked with us for years. The project’s purpose was to introduce this new era of designing to an already existing design house and to help build a community. This community serves to benefit from this project through various utilities and also helps the community the founders of the project were associated with. The founders have been part of the artisan community for generations, and it is to give back to that industry. The primary focus is to give back to weavers and artisans of the hand-knitted carpet designing and manufacturing industry.


The Web3 industry has seen a drastic increase in NFTs. What makes Crypto Runners different from all the projects?

Crypto Runners is one of the first projects to stem out of a design house from India, opening up the gates to a vast market of creators and buyers. This project provides a chance for increased involvement in this area and promotes awareness of the platform.


You have mentioned that Crypto Runners will help carpet artisans. How do you plan to do that? Kindly shed some light.

The creators of Crypto Runners have collaborated with the nonprofit platform, “GoodWeave” for years. The profit generated from this project will be donated to the foundation that has been a pioneer in fighting child and bonded labor and supports the upliftment of underprivileged skilled weavers and artisans. Additionally, Crypto Runners will work to promote weaving as an art form so that it can be passed on through generations and become well-known within the creative community. The designers now have employment prospects, and Crypto Runners will further support the weavers and craftspeople they have been collaborating with. An online storefront will also be developed for the artists to advertise and sell their wares, with all sales revenue going directly to them.


What made you come up with the idea of collaborating with both the NFTs and Weavers, considering they are very different from each other

It was only natural to take this approach and integrate the two well-known spaces so that they might profit from one another. NFTs have recently emerged as a new platform for artists, designers, and creators to present their creations and artisan abilities.


What are your plans and what new are you planning to bring in for your followers?

The project will be introduced on the 11th and 12th of November. Joining a community and using tools like Merch, freebies, and airdrops of our next projects would benefit the investors. The idea is to help the weavers and artisans to develop their industry and give them a foundation from which to launch our upcoming projects. We also intend to raise awareness of the NFT industry in India.


Closing notes

The CryptoRunners project has been an exciting endeavor for our design house and a new beginning to enter a creative platform with vast opportunities. We look forward to the future.


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