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An Interview With Nikhil Goyal, Founder and CEO Of Beyond Imagination Technologies.

Beyond Imagination Technologies (BIT) was founded as the first Indian start-up with the idea of nurturing the Blockchain/Web3 technology and building cost-effective, safe, and secure solutions that fit the market needs and help address the major market problems in all possible classes and verticals of organizations, thereby creating a conducive environment for its fair growth and development in India. In an exclusive interview with BitcoinWorld, Beyond Imagination Technologies (BIT) would shed the light on how they are nurturing the Blockchain/Web3 technology.


We would like you to shed some light on what Beyond Imagination Technologies is all about.


The motive behind conceptualizing Beyond Imagination Technologies (BIT) was to become the pioneers in building cost-effective, safe and secure Blockchain / Web 3 solutions that address the existing needs and problem areas of the market and bring in a technological revolution in the country by assisting in the easy transition from Web 2 to Web 3. Our focus is primarily on bridging the gap between market needs and the deployment of blockchain-aided solutions for sustainable business growth by developing customized solutions for start-ups, enterprises, and governments and helping them solve pain points in their ecosystems.


Within a very short span, we have witnessed enormous growth and have gained a lot of recognition from big corporate houses and government organizations within the country, with many of them adopting our solutions to their advantage. We have signed joint development programs with highly esteemed institutions in India and are also increasingly engaging with large corporations, high-net-worth individuals, and big institutions. BIT’s area of operations, however, is not limited to domestic boundaries. It has been our utmost privilege that we’ve recently partnered with international clients, which fulfills our vision of keeping India at par with other international Blockchain and Web 3 firms.


The world is witnessing a technological change with Web3 and blockchain technology. How do you think blockchain helps businesses?


Blockchain is a new-age technology that has taken the entire world by storm. It has completely revolutionized the present internet scenario and has led to entire paradigm shifts, with a technological transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Its distinctive features like increased transparency, decentralisation, traceability, permanent records, and auditability align with the interests of the business community, thus leading to its increasing adoption. It can be used to serve a wide array of purposes like supply chain management, fleet management, asset management, credentialing, securities, finance management, human resource management and voting. There is probably no end to the list of applications of blockchain technology in the businesses, and this offers a golden opportunity for growth. 



Kindly tell our readers what services you provide your customers.


At BIT, we offer blockchain-based solutions and focus primarily on enabling an easy and seamless transition from Web 2 to Web 3, while also using this revolutionary technology for the organization’s benefit. Our services are largely dependent on in-depth analysis of the various pain points or problem areas of clients and their existing systems and processes. We then design proprietary blockchain-based solutions and help our clients evolve their current setup by integrating our solutions into their existing ecosystems and making them more efficient, futuristic, and technologically upgraded. Our products range from tamper-proof digital credentialing platforms to fleet management systems, blockchain-based loyalty programs, supply chain management, digital souvenirs, and a blockchain-based wallet. The target segment is start-ups, enterprises, and government bodies.


What has been the most challenging project for you in this journey of yours?


We strongly believe that there is nothing in this world that comes without problems and challenges. And we too have faced our own set of challenges. The most challenging part in our journey so far has been to educate people about blockchain technology and the numerous advantages it is capable of offering. Since this technology is still in its infancy, people often perceive it as synonymous to cryptos. However, it has evolved significantly and can now be used in almost all sectors to create more efficient processes and ecosystems for everything from data management to legal compliance.


Going forward, what are your plans, and how are you planning to reach more projects and companies?

Our plan at the time is to reach out to the market through constructive discussions with industry experts, networking, collaborations, and hiring the right talent. 


Closing Notes

We are working hard towards solving real-world problems with blockchain and hope to deliver quality projects in times to come. Our solution ( addresses the gigantic problem of identity theft and fake documentation and we hope to scale this in multiple sectors around the world. 


We wish to build an ecosystem around us that enables us to grow while having a reasonable impact. Like we always sign off: let’s grow together!!

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